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Our History

Kevin Stemberger and Arthur Frasca began working together in 1986 at an independent broker dealer named J. W. Korth & Company (JWK). In their first few years, they developed a wholesaling niche between the large wirehouses and regional securities dealers, finding and solving distribution inefficiencies in corporate debt markets. In 1989, they were instrumental in helping to develop a process which changed the way the retail corporate bond market worked. Approached by Salomon Bros. to develop a way to extend their debt maturities, JWK began a program of offering fixed income bonds for an extended period of time to the regional dealers. Today, this “program” distribution is the most popular way investors purchase individual corporate bonds.

Todd DeMand joined Kevin and Arthur at J.W. Korth & Company in 1992, where he worked as the Financial and Operational Principal. In addition to overseeing the books and records, regulatory reporting, and compliance duties for the firm, he was heavily involved in the operational aspects of the retail bond offerings that the firm managed. In 2001, Todd joined H&R Block Financial Advisors as Assistant Controller, where he was responsible for the books and records, regulatory reporting, audits, and management of the accounting department.

In 2004, Art, Kevin and Todd set up a fixed income operation and joined Equitas America, LLC and then DeWaay Financial Network, LLC. They successfully expanded their ideas and developed beneficial business relationships with small broker dealers, money managers, institutions, representatives, and individuals. In 2012, they joined Regal Securities, Inc. (Regal) in order to continue this business development and to expand Regal’s presence in the fixed income markets. What follows is the concept of a unique bridge that investors and issuers can now cross - Noble Capital Partners.